Chronic Fatigue and Exhaustion: 7 Possible Causes

What causes fatigue, and how can I treat it?Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle and waking up late can be the cause of constant fatigue? On the other hand, something as simple as getting a good night’s sleep and getting enough exercise can help boost energy levels.

Feeling tired once in a while is completely normal. We all face it. However, if you are constantly exhausted and do not have the strength to do anything for no good reason, you should think about it.

It is quite possible that there has been a malfunction in the body’s work or some bad habits are preventing you from getting a good rest. You need to find out the causes of constant fatigue and find solutions to improve your life.

Causes of chronic fatigue

1. You wake up very late

Most of the time, people think that waking up late allows them to rest better, but this is not the case. When you wake up earlier, you feel more rested and relaxed throughout the day.

According to the results of a study conducted at the University of Leipzig (Germany) in 2009, most energetic and active people wake up quite early.

2. Improper nutrition

An excess of carbohydrates and a deficiency of protein can lead to chronic fatigue. Although carbohydrates are mostly found in tasty foods that provide us with quick energy, the body breaks them down into sugar. As a result, a person’s blood sugar level rises.

After that, the pancreas has to produce a lot of insulin to normalize sugar. When sugar levels alternately rise and fall, the body is forced to use a lot of energy to achieve homeostasis. Therefore, lovers of sweets and foods with a high carbohydrate content are likely to feel tired all the time.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

The causes of constant fatigue are very diverse. Sometimes exhaustion is even related to your lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to several unpleasant physical sensations and fatigue. Therefore, if you sit a lot at work, you may get tired.

On the other hand, light physical activity and aerobic exercises, in particular in the fresh air, stimulate the production of hormones of happiness, which in turn improves the quality of sleep and health in general.

It may be difficult for you to start exercising, but after a while, the fatigue will decrease significantly. In addition, you will improve your physical condition, and become more durable and stronger.

4. Lack of sunlight

The body needs sunlight. Sunbathing in the morning and evening helps him produce enough vitamin D. Thanks to this, you maintain your health at the proper level. In addition, the quality of sleep will also improve, so you will be able to avoid feeling tired and be more efficient.

5. Low-quality sleep

The main causes of constant fatigue are also related to sleep. When a person does not get enough sleep, it significantly affects their well-being and energy level. Adults are recommended 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This allows the brain and other organs to return to functioning properly.

6. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

Trace elements, minerals, and vitamins are extremely important for the proper functioning of the body. Their deficiency can lead to chronic fatigue, drowsiness, or even more serious health disorders.

A balanced diet that includes at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day will provide you with many of the nutrients you need. It is also very useful to eat nuts.

7. Stressful lifestyle

You may feel overwhelmed when you face difficult, uncontrollable situations that, at first glance, have no solution. When a problem persists, life circumstances wear you down, or you’re constantly caring for a sick family member, it’s extremely difficult.

However, in such situations, you just need to relax a little and stop thinking about what is out of your control. So you can reduce emotional stress. Chronic fatigue can also occur due to stressful situations at work. Therefore, try to do something pleasant for yourself and rest from time to time.

Now that you know more about the causes of chronic fatigue, you can correct your lifestyle and habits. Positive changes will help you have more energy, a better mood, and well-being, as well as work more efficiently.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate