How To Fall Asleep Faster And Sleep Better

Simple Ways to Fall Asleep Fast We need sleep to regain strength (as with a battery that needs to be charged, otherwise the device will stop working). So, if you lack sleep and its quality, you will not be able to work well, study, be in a good mood, be healthy, and so on.

Establish a sleep pattern and follow it

You have to decide when to go to bed. This will help you adjust your biological clock to the right rhythm. This way, your body will know when to go to bed and when to work.

Over time, the body will learn to relax and deal with stress. Always try to go to bed and get up at the same time (or as close to it as possible, even on weekends). In this way, your body will get used to the balance between work and personal life.

Keep a diary

This will help you release stress hormones and reduce anxiety and sadness. It is not necessary to write down all your thoughts in a diary. You can only write down what worries you the most. This habit will help you get rid of thoughts about solving problems during the night.

Increase magnesium intake

Scientific studies show that magnesium is necessary for proper sleep. Try foods such as pumpkin seeds, chard, or spinach.

Drink chamomile tea

Stress, anxiety, and difficulties at work or in personal life often lead to insomnia. According to statistics, sleep problems at least once in a lifetime bother everyone. According to experts, the safest way to combat insomnia is herbal tea.

Do more sports

Regular exercise can improve your sleep quality, but try to avoid strenuous exercise five to six hours before bedtime. Before going to bed, you can do light exercises or those that just help to relax.

If you exercise regularly, your body and mind will be more tired. And so there will be no reason not to fall asleep at night.

Try to finish work before sunset

If possible, try to work no longer than before sunset. So your body will understand that with the onset of darkness, it’s time to rest and sleep, rather than continue daily activities. Use the evening for sports, and games with children, or dedicate your free time to your favorite hobby, etc.

Take a nap during the day

Contrary to popular belief, resting during the day for up to thirty minutes (afternoon) provides better sleep at night.

Just do not sleep more than half an hour, because after this period you risk falling into a deep sleep, after which after waking up you will feel dizzy, weak and the only desire – to sleep a little more. And then the south will seem very long.

Sleep at least seven hours a night

It is still unclear how many hours a person should sleep each night. Six to eight – most believe it should be the duration of sleep, but it all depends on your personal needs and activities.

If a person does not get enough sleep, the body increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that makes a person feel stressed. In addition, there is a high probability of developing diabetes due to the body’s resistance to insulin.

Let your bedroom be just for sleeping

Let your bed in the bedroom be designed for only two activities: sleep and sex. Everything else is anywhere except the bedroom. You need to eat in the dining room or kitchen, watch TV in the living room, work in the office or office, and so on.

Create an atmosphere for relaxation

The atmosphere for relaxation is a comfortable mattress, dark curtains on the windows that do not let in sunlight, calm pastel tones on the walls, and the appropriate air temperature.

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