Cheap, Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Cheap, Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Before renovating, you need to clean and get rid of all the unnecessary things in the apartment. Then you will understand the space and see how it can be updated.

Add plants and flowers

Renovation of the interior can begin with home landscaping. For example, buy a new vase for flowers and put fresh flowers there 1-2 times a month. The vase is inexpensive, and together with fresh flowers will create an atmosphere of freshness in the interior.

If you have houseplants in your apartment, you can start renovating the interior by transplanting them into new pots. Choose pots of interesting color or choose them so that they look harmonious with each other.

Flowerpots with large plants of 120-130 centimeters refresh the interior well. We are used to small houseplants standing on the windowsill, but even one large flowerpot with a plant can be a beautiful element of the interior.

For example, it can be a large Ficus, banana tree, or even a cactus. A tall cactus looks very cool in a flowerpot. Large plants can be placed next to the sofa or in a corner.

Wall decoration

You can update the interior well with the help of decor. For example, make a set of posters on the wall. Buy a few frames and place four types of posters with bright images in them. The posters in the frames can be changed periodically. If you get tired of one image, you can replace it with another.

Such an element of decor is simply realized and immediately catches the eye. On the Internet, you can find many interesting options for placing posters on the wall.

New textiles

A simple and budget option for interior renovation are to replace textiles. By throwing two new brightly colored pillows on the sofa, you can noticeably refresh the interior and slightly change the look of the house.

One pillow can be placed in the living room, the other – on the bed in the bedroom. For example, it can be yellow or green pillows.

Linen decorative pillows look good in the interior. You can also buy a new blanket and thus add a new mood to the house.


If you have a desire and possibility, it is possible to remove curtains from windows in general. Without them, the room will have more sunlight and will seem wider and free. Of course, if the landscape from the window opens only to the neighboring house, there is no need to remove the curtains.

If you still want to change something, you can change the curtains and for blinds, Roman blinds or shutters.

Or just hang curtains of a different color and texture. If you had dark blue or dark green curtains, replace them with light-colored linen curtains. They will look light and airy.


You can put a small rug in the kitchen. It will add home comfort and will look good in the interior. In addition, this accent will add novelty and refresh the room. Small rugs are easy to care for, they can be easily washed.


You can do budget renovations with new lighting elements. For example, you can buy lampshades pendant lamps. From them you can make an interesting chandelier or lamp, buying wire and light bulb.

New utensils

You can renovate the interior of the kitchen with new utensils. For example, ceramic dishes of the wrong shape. These can be cups, not necessarily the same shape and color. Or cups of the same shape but different colors.

Different colors of walls

You can repaint the walls, but at this point, it is important to consult about the paint in a hardware store. The consultant will help you choose the right paint depending on which surface you are going to repaint.

You can change the color of only one or all the walls in the room. To do this, it is better to choose a light tone and make bright accents on its background, because the lighter the walls, the more spacious seems your home.

Picture Credit: Pexels