4 Ways to Wash and Disinfect Your Pillows

4 Ways to Wash and Disinfect Your Pillows

Come to think of it, you have very few items at home that you use as often as your pillows. But do you know how to properly wash and disinfect pillows?

Did you know that experts recommend washing and disinfecting pillows once a month? Do you do this regularly?

To prevent bacteria and dangerous microorganisms from getting into the pillows, we will tell you about simple ways to clean them.

Many people are very careful about bedding. But in addition to daily ventilation, sheets and bedding should be washed constantly. In this way, you prevent the accumulation of dust.

However, most people usually just wash the pillowcases. Thus, we often forget about the pillows themselves. This is a big mistake. They accumulate as much or even more dirt than on sheets and blankets.

When you open doors and windows, the dust gets on the bed as well as on the pillows. You also add dust when you go to bed.

Therefore, pillows should also be washed regularly.

How to properly wash and disinfect pillows

Below we will tell you how to quickly wash and disinfect pillows. You will be able to do this more regularly without much effort.

1. In the washing machine

Most pillows can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. However, you should always check the mark first.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use liquid soap, not powder. This way, you will make sure that all detergents are washed away.
  2. Wash other small clothes along with pillows. This way, your washing machine will be balanced and will not break.
  3. Rinse the pillows twice. In this way, all detergents are thoroughly washed off.
  4. After completing this process, let them dry in the sun all day. This part is very important! If they are wet inside, they can become moldy.

2. Quick wash

The filling in the pillows does not withstand constant washing. Therefore it is necessary to wash pillowcases constantly, instead of pillows. Do this when possible.

In fact, pillows are usually filled with down or foam. You can unbutton them and wash the only cases of the pillow.

The advantage of this is the ability to quickly wash them with sheets. This way, you can be sure that your pillows are disinfected and do not contain ticks.

3. Vinegar and soda for deep cleansing

If you feel that your pillows need to be thoroughly cleaned, you can use baking soda and vinegar.

Follow these steps to disinfect your pillows with these ingredients:

  1. First, mix half a glass of baking soda with half a glass of white vinegar.
  2. Then put the pillows in the washing machine.
  3. When they are covered with water, add the mixture.
  4. Continue washing, which we described above in the first method.

In addition to thorough washing and disinfection of pillows, after this method, they will shine with purity. As always, the whitening effect of these ingredients does not disappoint. The same effect will be if you add borax to the detergent instead of soda and vinegar.

4. Oxygen water from stains

While this sounds strange, oxygenated water can also be useful for washing and disinfecting pillows. However, compared to the above methods, this one has some limitations.

First, it can only be used for white fabrics. Due to its strong whitening effect, we do not recommend using it with dark colors.

On the other hand, with this remedy, you can remove stains. For this, you need to apply a little water with oxygen on the surface to be cleaned.

This is a very useful method. Often pillows have stains from creams, makeup, blood, or even sweat. It all accumulates, and stains remain. Thus, this tool will help you completely get rid of stains.

With these simple procedures, you can make your room even fresher and cleaner.

Picture Credit: Unsplash