Semantic SEO: Working with Keywords and Semantic Analysis

Semantic SEO: Working with Keywords and Semantic Analysis

With the help of a well-collected semantic core for the resource, you can significantly improve the reputation of the site in search engines and promote it in the issue. These extensions can prompt both the keywords themselves and a number of parameters to work with them.

AdWords URL Extractor

You can use this extension to decrypt the URL on the Google results page. It also copies it and allows you to open it in a new window or tab. The address is copied automatically.

Users note the positive side of the resource in the ability to open the final URL in the search results of the issue.

Chrome extension for webmasters

With extensions in this category, you can make it easier for yourself to work with technology, for example, to change the look of the page to a more attractive one by adding or removing unnecessary blocks. Also, webmasters often use some plugins to work with cookies and cache sites.

Web Developer

This plugin is reliable, so it received the nickname “Swiss Knife” among the masters. This is a toolbar that is displayed in an intuitive format for users.

The extension allows you to disable unnecessary plugins, such as JS scripts, in a couple of clicks.

You can also use the tool to easily copy text from interesting sites, where there is a certain level of protection against copying in the form of disabling the ability to right-click or in the process of copying an inconvenient link to the main source.


This extension displays a list of items and technologies that were used on a particular page on the web. The list is issued in the form of the TOP list, and also the visual schedule is formed.

The extension allows the webmaster in 1 click to find out all the necessary information about a particular resource.

Also, the advantage of the tool is that, unlike other analogs, it is still a plug-in that simplifies working with it several times.

Picture Credit: Unsplash