What is Landing Page

What is Landing Page

If you consider the question of what is landing page, you can get a short but capacious answer. Is a landing page that invites users to a specific action required by the entrepreneur. Therefore, such pages usually lead somewhere. Because of which landings pages are actually professional sites.

Where is the most appropriate use of the landing page?

Probably every user of a social network or site had to see different banner ads in the corners. So they just do not lead to a capacious site, but first to the landing page.

The main purpose of the landing page is to warm up the visitor’s interest in the product or service. These are usually pages with sales, promotions, and other information that stimulates additional sales in different market segments.

The basic structure of the landing includes the following components:

  • form;
  • capacious title;
  • the main call to action.

Various animations and bright pictures, as well as prominent text, allow you to attract more attention of the visitor and keep him on the site. The degree of “warm-up” of the client depends on the percentage of what he will do the right thing. Usually, he orders a product or service.

Landing page benefits

Numerous studies show that over the years, people’s interest in such landing pages is only growing. This positive trend is observed due to the following obvious advantages:

  • ease of navigation in its actual absence. All the user needs is to scroll up and down the page and get the information they need. Going through the sales process, the customer is interested in the proposed product or service and is more likely to make a targeted action. He can do it at any stage of acquaintance due to the presence of a call at each stage of the sales process;
  • one page – one sentence. The text usually states everything briefly, clearly and to the point. Thus, giving the user the opportunity to focus on the product or service. The main role here is played by the competent composition of the text – the presentation. The better it is, the less likely it is to be rejected. But the nuance is that compose the text competently can only a marketer who understands the target audience of the offered product;
  • limited content with compelling text is a good business tool. Ideally, the words combine the two qualities listed.

Another advantage of landing pages is the voluntary transfer of contact information by customers. If they do, then they are interested in offering and receiving the news. Thus, a constant loyal audience is formed, which will be easier and more pleasant to work with. In addition, such contacts form a base of regular customers for subsequent emails.

Picture Credit: Unsplash