Healthy Breakfast – Great Day

The importance of eating proteinsProteins are an excellent source of nutrients for the daily diet. The best way to consume protein is at breakfast.

Eating protein for breakfast is very good for your body. It provides you with energy for the whole day and eliminates the feeling of hunger.

Your body in the morning

In the morning, the body is dominated by hormones that convert food into energy and regenerate muscle mass. This is because, at this time of the day, our body is controlled by cortisol, which is the substance responsible for converting proteins into energy.

Thanks to this process, proteins are easily converted into muscle mass and energy at this time of day. In addition, it contributes to a constant increase in glucose levels for many hours.

It’s an incredible way to maintain muscle mass and improve concentration, perfect for work or study time. It is also critical to avoid feeling hungry for many hours and increasing body temperature.

In addition, proteins allow us to accelerate metabolism much better than if they are eaten in the evening. This makes it easier to be active throughout the day and also helps to avoid a lot of stored fat.

The function of proteins

Thanks to the proteins we eat for breakfast, we keep our blood glucose levels more stable, which allows us to maintain a good level of concentration.

In addition, we improve our memory and reasoning ability.

With enough glucose available, the brain won’t need to activate emergency systems to get it from another source. It will be completely focused on intellectual activity.

The importance of eating proteins for breakfast is even greater because they directly affect the brain’s production of adrenaline and dopamine. This enables us to improve our thinking ability as well as our learning skills.

Another benefit of eating proteins for breakfast is that it becomes easier to lose weight. This way, you can add to your diet all the food you need to have energy and control hunger.

Plus, a protein-packed breakfast helps you get the nutrients you need to boost serotonin levels and control carb cravings, leading to healthier eating and weight loss.

As a result of the acceleration of metabolism and the fight against hunger and addiction, you will no longer feel the need to snack throughout the day.

Examples of protein-rich breakfasts

Let’s take a look at some examples of high-protein breakfasts. That way, you can take advantage of all the good effects of consuming protein early in the day.


It is a delicious breakfast food for a variety of reasons.

  • First, it is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and soluble fiber. It not only makes digestion easier but also keeps you full throughout the day.
  • In addition, soluble fiber will also help control blood sugar and lower blood pressure.
  • This breakfast provides plenty of protein and is perfect for vegetarians.

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy food that is also a great source of protein for breakfast and to start your day.

In addition, it also provides good amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

Omelet or scrambled eggs

Eggs are very tasty food, rich in protein and without carbohydrates. They are an excellent source of protein.

Some people worry about the cholesterol found in eggs. However, this cholesterol is known as good cholesterol and is good for health. Unless you’re eating 10 eggs a day, it’s hard to exceed the recommended levels of saturated fat.

Therefore, eggs are one of the best options for eating proteins for breakfast. They are adored in many countries of the world.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate