Why Are So Many Moving To Florida?

advantages to moving to FloridaIf you are currently living where winters get cold, you might be wishing you were in a warmer climate about now. Many individuals and families are moving to Florida every year to retire or raise their families. And with so much to do in the balmy weather, there are plenty of advantages to moving to Florida.

Between Spring 2020 and 2021, the Office of Economic and Demographic Research of Florida stated that 320,000 plus individuals moved to the Sunshine state. So why do people move to Florida? No state taxes and lower property taxes are just two of the reasons many flocks to the state. Others like the lower cost of living when compared to other places in the states. Even individuals outside the US are making the move to Florida.

So why leave a place that is familiar to go to Florida? When you look at the homes there, you may understand. You will get a huge bang for your buck when purchasing a home. This is true especially when building a new home. There are many great places to live that provide amenities for you and your family, such as the North River Ranch in Parrish, FL. This community can make your home an even more affordable place to live.

Many are not familiar with new home communities and the amenities that are offered. A resort-style pool is offered at the aforementioned community, as is a clubhouse and other options for you and your family to spend time close to home. These new home communities are great places to meet new people and make friends.

Let’s not forget about the weather in Florida. As it is warm and sunny the majority of the year, you can feel good about getting outside and soaking up the sun while getting some exercise for your body. After all, this is a top reason why so many moves to this southern state. There are Bike Share bicycles located in North River Ranch that will allow you to get around the community lined with lots of trees. If biking is not your thing, take a walk on one of the walking trails, or get your body moving at one of the FitPods located in the community. There are also parks where you can bring your children to run off their extra energy. Here you will also find an air-conditioned fitness center to spend your time in if the weather is not cooperating with your style. Located in the fitness center, you will also find a screened game room full of fun, such as ping pong, shuffleboard, billiards, or foosball.

After a day outside, you can relax by the community fire pit with neighbors. This is a great way to build community spirit while enjoying the company of those that live around you.

Speaking of community, there are many events that take place in Florida communities. Farmer’s markets occur quite frequently, so you are able to get your family the fresh produce to live a healthy life. There are also food trucks that visit the community on Fridays and Fun Days scheduled throughout the year.

If you like to have a happy, sunny, and healthy life, you may consider making the move to Florida like so many others have. Moving to Florida has so many advantages, especially when moving to a community such as North River Ranch in Parrish, FL. There are many business opportunities that you may be interested in, and it is the perfect time to develop the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.

Picture Credit: Freepik