Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing A Diesel Generator For Your House

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing A Diesel Generator For Your HouseBeing a versatile tool, diesel generators are used for powering industries of all sectors and sizes. They can be from the military, agriculture, telecom, refrigeration, construction, etc. They are also widely used at homes because they are both safe and cheap. Diesel generators can provide a principal power supply to your house but are mostly used for generating backup power. Below we have discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a diesel generator for your house.

The Benefits
Most homeowners prefer diesel generators as they are durable and reliable. Additionally, they are inexpensive when compared to the other sources used for backup power. Some common advantages of purchasing it for your house include:

Among the key factors to consider when purchasing a generator is fuel efficiency. Although all diesel generators don’t have the same fuel efficiency, they are better than gas-powered generators. Hence, you get more power per the amount of fuel you invest. Thus these generators are often a preferred source for constant power supply besides backup power.

Cost Efficiency
Cost efficiency is another important factor when buying generators but isn’t the only factor making them cheaper. Diesel generators besides being cheaper also require lessor parts replacements such as spark plugs. They also require less maintenance and the part replacement costs are lower than other generators.

Peak efficiency is reached much quicker than most alternatives in the case of diesel generators. This is because they come with an inbuilt cooling component helping them to efficiently handle the heat produced without any requirement of water pumps, coolant, temperature gauges, and radiators.

Diesel generators are highly versatile and used across industries for a variety of purposes. Besides offering full-time power to your house to serving as a temporary backup, it can be used to power a variety of machinery too.

Longer Life
Regular maintenance and servicing ensure the diesel generator lasts for years. Life is usually longer than most alternatives.

Therefore, lower cost, fewer maintenance requirements, and better efficiency make diesel generators a great source of power back for your house.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generators
Each product has its disadvantages and so does a diesel generator. Some drawbacks have been discussed below:

Installation Process
The cost of installing a diesel generator is substantially higher and takes more time than other power generators. The cost sometimes accounts for up to a quarter of the price of any other inexpensive generator.

When running a diesel-powered generator, the sound is usually louder than other alternatives. Although some products come fitted with a noise-insulation canopy, the noise is considerably higher than any other power generator you might be knowing.

Costly Repairs
Despite the need to frequently maintain or repair a diesel generator, the part replacement costs and after-sale services are much costlier than other generators. You may prevent huge maintenance or replacement costs if you follow the maintenance instructions and get it serviced as advised.

Not The Cleanest Fuel Sources
Diesel isn’t the cleanest source of energy. The smoke released while running the generator contains a lot of pollutants and might be harmful. If you are looking for an energy-efficient of eco-friendly solution for powering your house, these generators are not for you.

Most customers purchasing a diesel-powered generator feel the initial costs of setting up are justified by the low costs of running the generator. However, if you are searching for a cleaner and quieter generator, you should look for other alternatives.

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