Natural Ventilation in Your Home

Natural Ventilation in Your Home

Today, natural ventilation in the home is one of the most common systems and implies the simplicity of its installation and fairly high efficiency. It perfectly copes with its main task – the removal of odors from the room, carbon dioxide, excess moisture.

However, before we move on to consider the benefits of such a system and the scheme of its organization in a country house or cottage, let’s understand the principle of its operation.

The principle of natural ventilation in a home

At the heart of the natural ventilation system are the usual laws of nature – convection. In other words, the circulation of air masses inside the building is due to the temperature difference – the temperature in the room is higher than outside.

It should be noted that the intensity of airflows is also affected by the following factors:

  • diameter and height of the ventilation duct;
  • availability and quality of laying of heat-insulating material;
  • wind direction and strength.

Due to the ease of installation and the lack of additional devices for the organization of air circulation, natural ventilation is often used in environmentally friendly construction, construction of basements in garages and other various buildings.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural ventilation

Natural ventilation in the house has its pros and cons.

Pros include:

  • ease of installation, the organization of which does not require special knowledge and significant financial costs;
  • high reliability of the system due to the absence of any mechanical devices;
  • ease of operation, requires only regular inspection of the system and, if necessary, cleaning the duct;
  • absence of extraneous noise, which is also due to the absence of mechanical elements in the system.

As for the cons of using such a system, they include:

  • the efficiency of natural ventilation directly depends on climatic factors – outdoor temperature, strength, and direction of the wind;
  • because of the peculiarities of the principle of operation of the system, there are heat losses inside the room in the winter;
  • the possibility of penetration into the house of insects through the ventilation duct;
  • in case of clogging of the air duct and untimely cleaning, a fungus can form on the walls.

However, despite such disadvantages, natural ventilation still has not lost its popularity among the owners of country houses and cottages. That is why below we will consider the main stages of installation of such a system and the proper organization of its work.

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